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We all have a story to tell. But do we know how to tell a good one? Whether it’s for a kickoff meeting, a plenary meeting or during a social event, we all have the ability to tell a good story, we just have to remind ourselves how.

We are all storytellers, but are we good at it?

Each person has his own story, his own voice and style.  A good story is full of ups and downs, full of challenges and emotions. In your story, the hero is you, your family or your company. The story is there. It is all about how you present it to an audience. 

A good storyteller will make us believe we can accomplish anything. Are you ready to have fun?

Lecture +Workshop

In this fascinating combo, participants will not only get inspired and motivated to chase their own dreams but will also get the opportunity to understand how to tell their own story.

During the workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, a “Storytelling 101” if you will. We will learn how to choose a good story, break it into scenes and write it down.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to read their stories out loud.

Four hours with an option for a full-day experience.

Who is it for

Small groups, 20 people max

what will you get out of it?

Participants will learn about the “7 steps of telling a memorable story” methodology. Using an easily proven methodology, participants will learn how to approach the art of storytelling and apply it to whatever their need may be. Whether it is for a board meeting or a meeting with your own team, for pitching a client or just having dinner with your family, this method can help you tell a story in a memorable and impactful way.


An insightful talk where Nir Zavaro explains about the unique method developed for creating a successful marketing technique.

Approx 90 minutes

Who is it for

Anyone who is looking to get inspired to tell his own story. Big/small organizations, small groups, university courses and so on

what will you get out of it?

Inspiration, courage, and hopefully the contagious sense you can accomplish anything.


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